Kaweyan BDS

KBDS is authorized from four different International Bodies to provide trainings in different areas of specialization but they also has their own expertise in different dynamic areas of business development services trainings.

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Kaweyan Business Development Services (KBDS) Training Topics
1Marketing Management3
2Human Rights Awareness3
3Business Accounting3
4Business  Communication3
5Monitoring and Evaluation3
6Brand Management3
7Customer Care Services3
8Basic Management3
9Project Management5
10Tax Management4
11Cost and Managerial Accounting4
12Financial Management5
13Capital Budgeting Techniques4
14Research and Development6
15Quality and Change Management5
16Working Capital Management5
17Human Recourse Management3
18Capacity Development3
19Strategic Sales Management6
20Effective Proposal Writing6
21Project and Research Report Writing6
22Business Association Formation and Development6