Business Development

We are authorized from different International Bodies to provide training in different areas of specialization; A- By International Finance Cooperation (IFC), we are authorized for Business Edge Trainings. B- By TARANGO Bangladesh, we are authorized to provide Competency Based Economies through Formation of Enterprises (CEFE) Trainings. C- By Business for Peace Council (BPeace), we are authorized for Business and Peace Trainings. D- By International Labor Organization (ILO), we are authorized for Business Awareness Trainings. E- Through Kaweyan Business Development Services (KBDS), we are providing Association Establishment and Development, Capacity Development, Working Capital management, Capital Budgeting Techniques, Managerial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Strategic Sales Management, Brand Management, Customer Service & Care, Leadership, Research & Development, Quality Management, Risk Analysis, Tax Management, Market Research Training, Change Management, Training of Trainers (TOT) and Project Management Trainings.

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